About Us

Happy group of kids sitting together

The mission

We're dedicated to creating a world where neurodivergent children feel confident, loved, and understood. To do that, we aim to:

1. Celebrate difference and increase understanding of neurodivergent strengths and needs.
2. Inspire kids to embrace their neurodivergent identities and celebrate the unique gifts they have to offer the world.
3. Respect the real, valid challenges that can come with having a different neurotype than most of the population.

Our journey began with the idea for a book, but we have our sights on creating resources and a community to support families and teachers, as well as fun items for kids.

Meet the founders

Carol Masiclat is a mom, communicator, and activist. She was inspired to write Different! Awesome! because she felt the world needed a neurodiversity-affirming book from a kid's perspective. She wants to every kid who ever felt different to know how important and loved they are, exactly the way they are.

Heming Luan, art director and visual storyteller, brings a unique perspective to our team with her passion for art and storytelling. Her creativity and artistic talents help bring our projects to life and communicate our message to a wider audience.