Different! Awesome!

Our book is here!

A box full of the book, "Different! Awesome! A Neurodiversity-Affirming Introduction to Autism"

Exciting news, friends! Different! Awesome! A Neurodiversity-Affirming Introduction to Autism is now available on Amazon. We are so proud of our little book. We hope you’ll share a copy with someone you care about and help us spread a message of love and acceptance to everyone with a rare and special brain.

About our book
Sam wants you to know what it’s like having a rare and different kind of brain. It can be exciting, wondrous, and fun. But it can also be difficult in ways that are hard for an outside observer to understand. Sam knows he’s different from other kids, and he’s learned to be proud of what makes him unique.

Different! Awesome! introduces readers to autism in a kid-friendly, neurodiversity-affirming way. Great for families with new diagnoses, relatives, or friends, this book celebrates kids with rare and different brains. It’s a first step to create a kinder, more positive world for exceptional kids.