A neurodiversity-affirming community
Let's make room for all kinds of brains to flourish.
Most systems are built for the many, not the few. Being one of the few can be hard, especially if you are neurodivergent, and your difference is difficult to see. Kids can have it especially hard in schools, among peers, and in society in general.

In the past, if you were autistic, ADHD, dyslexic or of another neurotype, your only option was to try to hide yourself, fit in, or blend in. Enough. It's long past time to celebrate neurodivergence, to inspire kids to embrace who they are and empower them to flourish on their own terms.

Our first project is a book, Different! Awesome! A Neurodiversity-Affirming Introduction to Autism. But there's a lot more to come. Happy to have you with us as we build something special together.

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